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Helping people to take actions that benefit and support their growth
is my service.

How can I help you catalyse change in your life?

I focus on two areas: personal development and health.

 You can work on just one, or both of them, at any one time the truth is that they are linked so that improve one, and you improve the other. This is truly the way to develop ourselves to our full potential.

I provide the conditions that will support you to identify what needs to change and then give you the tools to help you achieve it.

How that works is that by enjoying better health you are free to fulfill your potential by exploring personal development. That will reduce your stress levels, and therefore your health will improve and so will your ability to explore and new areas such as creativity.

When you allow yourself the freedom to enjoy your creativity in whatever way you choose, then you are working at the deepest level of self discovery.

Whether you need tools, inspiration or support I hope you let me help you identify what needs to change and then give you the inspiration to help you achieve it.

What is important to me are the many ways that sharing information and support makes a real difference to the richness and quality of life. I hope my Catalyst Chats, books and other resources help to do that for you.


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A New Adventure Begins

A New Adventure Begins

I have over the past few years very much enjoyed working with Eric Maisel the great creativity coach. Now he has got me to join an online course he is running on how to do online marketing so am rethinking how to bring my Life Story program to a wider audience. I will keep you posted, and in the meantime here’s another new... read more
Practicing Random Acts Of Kindness

Practicing Random Acts Of Kindness

Once again I am indebted to my friend Arvind Devalia for his timely reminder of the need for daily kindnesses. His list of 31 suggestions is below and my first act today is to share it with you. Oh and one not on the list is to help someone struggling with a bag or suitcase, I know because I often receive this and the help is really appreciated!

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An Alaskan Meditation: Mountain, Lake and Tree

An Alaskan Meditation: Mountain, Lake and Tree

Being in nature seems to encourage meditation and reflection, and I want to share a process I have found very helpful at looking at issues, problems or just where I am in life at the moment. You may not live near a mountain or lake, but this is one way to journey into the landscape – both inner and outer. I hope this meditation helps you as much as it has me.

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The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.'
-Gerardus van der Leeuw

AnnA’s Alternative Health

​To live well, and thrive in all areas of our lives, we need access to information and support to explore ways of staying healthy and vibrant. That means taking care of yourself as a whole being: body,mind and spirit.

Through my books and articles on all aspects of health, both mainstream and alternative, I have researched and tried many supplements, therapies and support systems. Let me share my insights in order to help you make the choices that are right for you to stay healthy, happy and whole.

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