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Helping people to take actions that benefit and support their growth
is my service.

How can I help you catalyse change in your life?

I focus on two areas: personal development and health.

 You can work on just one, or both of them, at any one time the truth is that they are linked so that improve one, and you improve the other. This is truly the way to develop ourselves to our full potential.

I provide the conditions that will support you to identify what needs to change and then give you the tools to help you achieve it.

How that works is that by enjoying better health you are free to fulfill your potential by exploring personal development. That will reduce your stress levels, and therefore your health will improve and so will your ability to explore and new areas such as creativity.

When you allow yourself the freedom to enjoy your creativity in whatever way you choose, then you are working at the deepest level of self discovery.

Whether you need tools, inspiration or support I hope you let me help you identify what needs to change and then give you the inspiration to help you achieve it.

What is important to me are the many ways that sharing information and support makes a real difference to the richness and quality of life. I hope my Catalyst Chats, books and other resources help to do that for you.


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Are You Happy Now?

Are You Happy Now?

I came across a great book by Barbara Berger with the above title and in it she has a chapter each on the The 10 ways To Live a Happy Life so I thought I would share them with you:

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For Persevering People

For Persevering People

The Chinese character for perseverance describes our challenges well: The ideogram is two elements–a knife suspended over a human heart. I feel the presence of this knife over my heart every day now. There is so much suffering, so much fear, so much uncertainty. Yet the task is to resist closing down from fear or fatigue. Our hearts need to stay open and, at the same time, we can’t succumb to the grief and anger that is so present as our hearts see what is happening to our precious world and all its beautiful people. To have a beautiful weekly gift to support us, Margaret Wheatley is offering 14 pages from her book Perseverance, read more in the blog or go to http://margaretwheatley.com/books-products/books/perseverance/persevering-people-email-series/

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Tears to Triumph

Tears to Triumph

Marianne Williamson is one of the great spiritual inspirers, and author of A Return to Love, argues in her new book that our desire to avoid pain is actually detrimental to our lives. It is disconnecting us from our deepest emotions and preventing true healing and spiritual transcendence. Instead of allowing ourselves to embrace our hurt, we numb it, medicate it, dismiss it, or otherwise divert our attention so that we never have to face it.

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When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be.
-- David Ji

AnnA’s Alternative Health

​To live well, and thrive in all areas of our lives, we need access to information and support to explore ways of staying healthy and vibrant. That means taking care of yourself as a whole being: body,mind and spirit.

Through my books and articles on all aspects of health, both mainstream and alternative, I have researched and tried many supplements, therapies and support systems. Let me share my insights in order to help you make the choices that are right for you to stay healthy, happy and whole.

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