Anything by the Dalai Llama is worth reading, and this extract from an interview in the Wall St Journal addresses our most current concerns.

Poetry is a very important element in my life and this particular one, although from the ancient world, has a lot of wisdom for our present circumstances. If we only did ‘Caretake This Moment’ how different would our lives be?

The public response to disasters whether fire, flood or terrorist attack, of compassion and helping has reaffirmed this basic teaching from the 1930’s on our total interconnectedness. “When you understand the unity between this and that, you and me—the entire world as just one mind working according to the same law of adaptability—you understand this law of unity.”

Self pity and its results

Self pity and its results

‘Self-pity is the worst poverty; it overwhelms man until he sees nothing but illness, trouble, and pain.’ After a week of conflict and challenges I had a real pity party day, but this quote from Hazrat Inayat Khan brought me up short.

Leonard Cohen was one of my favourite poets, and his songs echo in the heart long after he left us. The Land of Plenty is one such and just the opening line is enough ‘Don’t really have the courage to stand where I must stand’ but the closing stanza touched my heart too: ‘for what’s left of our religion I lift my voice and pray: May the lights in the The Land Of Plenty shine on the truth some day.’ And that’s just a short extract, read the rest here: