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I write and speak on health and personal development and what I have learned is that although they seem like separate topics, they are actually there to support and benefit each other.

To be healthy we need to have information on what works for our body and to grow as individuals we need to keep developing, stretching and exploring to develop our spirit.

If you want some help with either of those areas here’s what I can offer you.

Personal Development

Personal development and fulfilment are how we grow and that is from the inside out. Whether you need help to stop procrastinating,  develop your creativity by writing your life story, or explore new ways to relax and get more insight into your inner life, then I have ways to help you do just that.

jy-life-story-cover-3dWanting to look a little deeper at your life? Are you ready to start giving your side of the story of how you have grown, changed and met and mastered life’s challenges? Writing Your Life Story lets you do that in a simple, straightforward way, with a very clear plan and step by step help – and you just start in just one hour.  Don’t let your life story slip away unnoticed but pass on what you have learned to future generations.

“If I had known it could be this easy, I would have done it years ago. Thank you for such a great way to make a legacy for my children.” –B Pearce, Church Warden.

Relax Renew Revitalize cover

If you need help to de-stress or just time for  quiet reflection and contemplation of issues troubling or concerning you then this can help you achieve just that. I have created a number of  meditations and guided visualisations on this MP3 to gently support and help you get the answers you seek.

“I have never known where to start with meditation as there seem so many different types, but the 5 minute exercise was so easy and I get so much from it every day.” –F Jackson, Massage Therapist.



jy-procrastination-cover-3dProcrastination truly can ruin your life – if you let it. What do you keep putting off that would make an unbelievable difference to your health and happiness right now? Discover the simple steps you can take to taking control today and start changing your behaviour the easy way. holding you back then I can help to get you moving past those seeming-impossible barriers.   As one ‘happy’ reader said:

“Drat you AnnA Rushton – this book has changed my life – and my desk is finally clear of papers! Now what?!” –F James, Lecturer.

 Good Health

Good health is essential to live life to your full potential. It’s as much about your emotional attitude and approach as it is about your physical well-being.  Those who are positive tend to live up to 7 years longer, and factors that can seriously affect your health and reduce your lifespan are stress, anxiety and hormonal imbalance.


How to Cope With Stress cover

Stress is a major concern for many of us and if you can identify, and deal with it, then that can release you from anxiety and worry. By doing that  you can gain the energy and insight to deal with stress much more easily.

This ebook came out of my own, and my clients, issues around stress and is a practical guide that will help you to identify the causes of stress in your life and then get some real, practical solutions. Here’s how it can help:

“I thoroughly recommend this book, it helped me and I have bought another copy to send to my brother as I know he will benefit too.” –R Paterson, Director, Nu Fruits

Hot tips for hot flushes cover

Hot and bothered? Help is at hand for those hot flashes that come on without any warning and can range from being mildly uncomfortable to downright unbearable. If you are looking for tried and tested solutions, by someone who has been there, then my Hot Flushes ebook offers  natural suggestions and a whole range of ideas to try out and put together your personal hot flush prevention plan.


Natural Progesterone cover

If you want to know more about how bioidentical hormones can really help, and not the synthetic ones such as in HRT, then this handy book I co-wrote with Dame Dr Shirley Bond gives you the answers you need. You can buy it here: http://www.wellsprings-health.com/pages/natural-progesterone-book